Frequently Asked Questions

What is BoobyGum! Tape?

BoobyGum! Tape is an adhesive premium tape that gives your boobs the perfect lift, shapes and supports. It enables you to move freely without falling off, you are also able to wear it while swimming. Also, this tape is designed to lift the breasts in a desirable position underneath clothing and enhance cleavage.

Why BoobyGum! Tape?

BoobyGum! Tape is the original breast lift tape. For many years now celebrities have been taping their breasts with the likes of masking tape and duct tape. These tapes are painful to remove and not designed for human skin. Our tape is designed to be friendly on skin, and has the strength to hold up the heaviest breasts.

How does it work?

When the breast is placed in the desired position, BoobyGum! Tape can create cleavage to the breast as well as creating support underneath clothing so that you do not have to wear a bra which will allow the breasts to be lifted which has the same elasticity as your skin. BoobyGum! Tape is strong enough to support your breasts and move in a natural way perfect underneath tricky clothing items.

Do I need to prep my skin before use?

We recommend that there are no moisturizers on the area you wish to apply.

How many times can I wear each tape?

Each tape is for one-time use only. Once it has stuck to the skin (or any other surface), it will not re-stick again.

How long/often can I use?

We don’t recommend more than 10 hours. It is not meant to be used daily, this is due to adhesive that gives a peeling effect when you remove the tape. The area applied needs to be rest!

I put the tape on and it is a little wrinkly. What do I do?

Don’t worry! Wrinkles are ok and normal. You will not be able to see small wrinkles under clothes.

I took the tape off and my skin had red squiggly lines on it. Is this normal?

Some women will get red lines on their skin from where the adhesive stuck – especially if they have worn the product for a long time. The lines will go away soon, so don’t worry.

I have a bit of adhesive left on my boobs from the tape. What is the best way to get it off?

Any type of oil (baby, olive, coconut, etc) should remove any residual adhesive. Just saturate a cotton pad in oil and the area of residual adhesive – it should come right off!

How long will it last?

BoobyGum! Tape roll is 5-metre! It will depend on the size of your breasts. If you have a larger breast you will require more to hold your breasts. For smaller breasts, or breasts wanting to create cleavage you may find that you require less tape than a larger busted lady.

Can I wear BoobyGum! Tape with my fake tan?

Yes, it can be worn with your fake tan. However, please make sure your skin is dry before applying.

Do I need to wear nipple covers?

We recommend using nipple covers before applying BoobyGum! Tape, this provides extra comfort.

When (or who) not to use BoobyGum! Tape

If you have known diabetes, tape allergies or very sensitive skin, we don’t recommend using our product. If used, it is at your own risk!